What’s the difference between old neon lights and new neon lights?

Neon signs are also called neon advertisements, neon tubes, neon characters, neon shapes, neon billboards, etc. Since I entered the advertising logo industry in 2003, it has been very popular; It is not too much to describe the dazzling colors. This is why so far it has been favored by many people.
What’s the difference between new and old neon lights. Today, I will explain it to you in the form of pictures and texts. The old style neon lights are glass tube neon lights, with thick tubes and thin tubes. The thick tubes are generally used for outdoor large billboards, and most of them are night shows, hotels and restaurants. The thick tube has 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm and most of them are used for bottom tube scanning in dynamic form. Straight tubes are common. It needs to be supported by feet. The power consumption is 220V, but it also needs a transformer. Zigzag tubes with a diameter of 8 cm are widely used, especially outdoor large characters, which have a variety of colors. After being powered on by putting colored powder, they emit light of different colors, and the effect is particularly gorgeous. The picture below is a picture of glass tube, which is only for reference.

The thinner one is the 6 cm glass tube, which is used for making artistic characters indoors. In short, it is small characters, because the characters are small and the strokes are fine. At the same time, the level of the teacher who bends this tube is also relatively high. The use of 220V also requires a transformer, but the old neon lamp glass transformer.

The above two are old style neon tubes, which are fragile because they are glass products. The package is packed with a lot of foam. Around 2000, it was really a hit.
After 20 years of development of advertising signs, neon lights have changed from old-fashioned glass tubes to flexible neon tubes. Now I will focus on the characteristics and effects of the new neon lights.
New neon tubes are called flexible neon lamps, LED neon lamps, etc., which are actually changes in materials. The original glass tube is changed into a transparent soft rubber tube, and LED light strip is installed inside. The power supply has changed from the previous 220V to 12V, and the power supply has changed from the previous old model to the new 12V power supply. The effect is still dazzling and charming.

Post time: Sep-28-2022