New Year Party about Neon light (Jiangxi) Co.,Ltd ( Branch company in Nanchang ) in 2022

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Everybody decor any corners of office by colorful balloons and too much small ornaments with New Year wish. Happily smiles on everybody’s faces. Some persons sweep floor , some persons blow balloons, some persons water these Malabar chestnut …..etc. The amazing song is coming from computer. After a moment , The smell of New Year is filled the whole office.

Following one lovely song, All persons access into meeting room. At first , Mr. Chen makes
a summary of whole year working in 2021, next , he expresses his New Year greetings for all employees and customers whom care neon sign .

The New Year party has two parts . There are wonderful show and exciting raffle session at the beginning of party. The shows are brilliant. Such as dancing ,singing ,play games . tongue twister, parody show, etc……the most interesting session is playing games . One of employees is look like a goddess of fortune . She win more prizes compare with other employees . The second part is awards session. For example , outstanding show award, excellent employee award, etc . All persons are immersed in warm atmosphere from the large family of Neon light ( JIangxi ) Co.,Ltd . At last , there is still dinner time . During dinner time , all persons raise their glass and say “Cheers “ together and it means that the company of Neon light ( Jiangxi ) Co.,Ltd will be more and more powerful in future. At the same time , Everybody wish neon sign business will be more and more better .

Till 10:00pm at night , everybody are away from office with satisfied smile. The amazing New Year party is over in cheering and laughing .

Post time: Aug-25-2022