NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD builds a new main factory in Jiangxi, China.

After a long planning phase of more than 3 year, the NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD has now started work on a new main factory. Pant construction specialist will move into the new production site on January.

Today at 9:00 a.m., Mr. Chen, president of NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD hosted the groundbreaking ceremony at Makou industry zone for its new neon sign/LED sign factory.

This project is the largest single investment (over 100M RMB) in the history of NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD, and is a clear commitment to Jiangxi province as a main production location for its new Vivid Neon Signs and Vivid LED Signs that is famous for its high quality. The new factory is a logical and necessary step towards strengthening the company’s position as a global competitor. The company can no longer meet growing demand with its current production capacity.

NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD’s integration into the international signs supply chains and service network has been completed successfully in U.S and Europe, and the company will now pursue the successive development of other international markets over the next few years. More than ever before, all the signs point to growth.

This new investment in Jiangxi, China aims to handle an increasing volume of orders as well as a long-term strategy that aims to make NEONLIGHT. CO., LTD one of the world’s leading companies in signs supply.

As a company, NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD has grown organically, and currently produces
all kinds of signs related products, including traditional glass tube neon signs, light boxes, flex LED signs and its new VIVID SIGNS series. The new factory will bring its multiple produce sites together under one roof.

The aim is to establish a top tier sign factory, built around the very latest production systems featuring lean management approaches and C2C Industry 4.0 technologies, and with a particular emphasis on workplace quality, including the installation of ergonomic workstations in all units as well as modern ventilation systems and natural lighting, to name just a few aspects.

The over 30,000 square meters of land at the site will be used to construct a 35,695 sqm production facility plus a five-floor office building covering 3.409 sqm of space. The generous dimensions of the new main factory will perfectly accommodate the 10 full streamlines of sign produce and other supplies. As a company focused on growth, NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD has already included possible expansion phases in the planning.

NEONLIGHT. CO., LTD was established by a group of senior specialists with over 20 years of experience of manufacturing neon sign/LED signs. As a company with a long tradition, NEONLIGHT. CO., LTD prioritizes both quality and innovation. From Custom to Customers designs to large city projects, NEONLIGHT(JIANGXI). CO., LTD can offer custom solutions suitable for any market requirements.

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Post time: Aug-25-2022