Manufacturer wholesale new style acrylic display merry christmas led neon sign with antlers DL106

Short Description:

bang Best festival decorative sign

bang Super brightness and saving energy

bang Durable and reusable sign

bang Taking children unforgettable and fairy-able life

bang suit for kids room, bedroom, living room, shop, club, party etc all kinds of places

bang Best Christmas gift to Children, parents, relatives, friends etc

bang Eco-friendly and Easy installation


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Size  59*61cm=23.22*24inches.
Model Number  DL106
Color  green+red (Optional)
Backboard shape  Cut to shape
Material  High quality fireproof led tube and  Transparent acrylic backboard.
Backboard color  Transparent
Dimmer  All signs are not match dimmer . Please inquire us if you ask to match dimmer .
Plug  US/AU/UK/EU/plug (Optional ). Please see Plug picture.


EU Plug

US Plug

EU Plug

UK Plug

EU Plug

EU Plug

EU Plug

AU Plug

Application : Best cocktails bar decorative sign ,take you top-grade and luxurious feeling.

Addition information : Accept to custom size .

Attention : That is allowed if having a little color or size error.

Suggestion : Welcome to inquire us if having other doubts .


1.Can your signs fit for outdoor?
----Our signs led tube material are waterproof or fireproof (Optional).
By default, all signs are made as fireproof led tube which suit for indoor . However, If you would like to install it on outdoor wall which has strong sunlight or heavy rain , Please tell us in advance before releasing order, so that to change material.

2.When I get the quotation?
----We are very proud to provide you with a timely and professional customize signs service. Under normal circumstances you will receive our sales reply within one business day. If it is a big signage case, such like have dozens of different signage item, it might need 2~3 business days or even longer, but we will try our best to give you the price soon.

3.I have found a lower price for same products, Will you match it?
----Well, you always can find a supplier with lower price, but mostly when you pay cheap then you will get the cheap.
We are not the best choice if you only want to find a lower price, but we are the best signage supplier with good quality, good service with reasonable price.
Our signage products worth every penny you pay. You only can realize the difference when you the cheap and nasty signage products in your hand, sometimes even after a terrible experience, then it would be too late, you waste the money and time already.
However, we have built our reputation on quality and will keep it that way.

Application Scenarios

Let us light up your life with high quality LED neon signs for home, business, weddings, events, & more. Take a business logo, song lyrics, a kid's name, or even the shape of your dog, & neon-iffy it! We are helping making art accessible with easy-to-design, stylish neon lights. So they will be suitable for any appliance scenarios. Let me simply shown some popular scenarios

Neon sign for home decoration

Application scenarios (2)


Application scenarios (3)


Application scenarios (4)


Neon sign for other decoration

Application scenarios (5)


Application scenarios (1)


Application scenarios (6)




Customized led neon sign from Mr. Ali in USA

Customized led neon sign from Ms. Clements in UK

Customized led neon sign from Mr. Mattaw in Canada

Installation image from Ms. Kari in USA

Installation image from Mr. Yamaguchi in Japan

Installation image from Ms. Miller in Australia

Product Comparison

1. We are professional factory with years experience of manufacturing and exporting , we are not middle-man, and we have the best direct price.

2. Our LED lights comply with multiple international safety standards, CE/SAA/GS/BS.

3. Our LED lights are Super BRIGHT.Our LED is with high brightness and high quality ( each LED is 6-7LM) , They are 3 times brighter than others. And there is almost no Luminous decay even after 2 years. While the LED string of other company, at the beginning, it is also very bright, but after 2-4 months, it become very dim.

Application Scenarios

Application:garden,hotel,bar,home,school,yard,square,villa,road Christmas day and other festive etc.
Lightning and cloud neon sign is is real acrylic neon light, not led plastic. The neon signs are handmade. The most advanced electrode system, low energy consumption and long life. Koicaxy neon signs are with 5V low-voltage design, so pls don't worry about it getting hot, no risk of glass breakage or harmful substances leaking. It has its way into millions of families as neon signs wall decor, neon wall lights, neon lamp and night light.

Customized Color And Font, for Your Option

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